Chippewa Valley Farms produces some of the finest cheese in Wisconsin- Chippewa Valley Cheese, an all-natural line of cheese made of milk selected from the best small dairy farmers of Wisconsin-- made without rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormones), fillers (MPC), binders (Casein), or preservatives

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  • Hispanic Cheese
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      Queso Blanco

      Mild tasting cheese that is the most popular cheese South of the Border--both for snacking and cooking. It is wonderful to cook with because it will become soft and creamy when heated, but will not melt! You can make cheesier stuffed chicken breasts, enchiladas and burritos!


      One of the most popular fresh Mexican cheeses. This cheese is mild, white, and crumbly. Like Queso Blanco it will not run when heated. The cheese is used in Mexico and is commonly crumbled over salads, tacos, chili and burritos.

      Queso Fresco

      Very popular among many people of Mexican descent due to its fine-grained texture. It is often used to crumble over salads or put in refried beans.


      Oaxaca String Cheese is wonderful for snacking as well as melting into tamales, chimichangas, chile rellenos and super nachos!



      This cheese is smooth, soft, mild and white. It is a family favorite throughout Mexico both for snacking and because it melts easily to make your favorite dishes rich and creamy.

      Queso Jalapeno

      A smooth, soft cheese with bits of real Jalapeno pepper in it. Ideal for making quesadillas with a little extra zesty flavor or for anytime snacking.



      The "Parmesan of Mexico", this cheese is strongly flavored, firm, and perfect for grating. It is used in Hispanic cooking in a manner similar to the way Parmesan is used in Italian cooking. Cotija is commonly used to add a lively garnish to common dishes: simply sprinkle on top of refried beans, salads, chili or lasagna. In the U.S. it is increasingly popular on pasta. See for yourself how much zestier any pasta or even simple macaroni and cheese will taste with a sprinkle of Cotija!

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    • Muenster, Ricotta and Saganaki

  • Cooked Meat and Deli Program
    • All Natural Roast Beef, Corned Beef, and Pastrami

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