Chippewa Valley Farms produces some of the finest cheese in Wisconsin- Chippewa ValleyFarms Cheese, an all-natural line of cheese made of milk selected from the best small dairy farmers of Wisconsin-- made without rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormones), fillers (MPC), binders (Casein), or preservatives

Who We Are

A few years ago, a group of Wisconsin's small dairy operators became concerned about years of low milk prices and the threat posed to their livelihood and way of life.

As a result, a small group of family these dairy farmers banded together to form Chippewa Valley Farms with the plan to market their milk as Chippewa Valley Farms Cheese. These are farmers who take great pride in their farms, believe in humane treatment of cows, and produce the highest quality milk possible.

Chippewa Valley Farms members produce milk naturally. They do not inject animals with Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) or feed cows blood or mammal by-products. Cows are grazed on pasture as much as possible, allowing them to benefit from fresh air, sunlight, natural grass, and exercise.

Milk is transported to several small cheese plants that specialize in different styles and varieties. Master Cheese makers then utilize traditional, old-world techniques to craft a product without fillers, binders, or preservatives.

Chippewa Valley Farms Cheese is the highest quality natural cheese that we can provide to you and your family. We thank you very much for purchasing our products and helping families continue a way of life.

If your grocer does not carry our product, please have them call us: Chippewa Valley Farms, LLC at (414) 406-8383 for distributors.

Email us at for additional information about Chippewa Valley Farms products and opportunities.

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