Chippewa Valley Farms produces some of the finest cheese in Wisconsin- Chippewa Valley Cheese, an all-natural line of cheese made of milk selected from the best small dairy farmers of Wisconsin-- made without rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormones), fillers (MPC), binders (Casein), or preservatives

"From our family to yours"

That is a powerful statement which helps establish a link between our customers and the Chippewa Valley Farms family. We would like the consumers to embrace that motto.

Chippewa Valley Farms is comprised of a group of small to mid size dairy farms that are nestled in the rolling meadows and hillsides of Western Wisconsin. Collectively we produce about 200,000 pounds of milk per day.

This milk is special! Our dairy cows are not injected with rBovine Growth Hormones (rBGH). We also do not feed our dairy cows any meat or blood by products of any kind. We take great care in their daily diet. This diet consists of hay, corn silage, and grains that are produced in the fertile soils of our own farms.

When our products are made, their ingredients come from pure and natural sources. All our milk related products come strictly from our milk producing dairy farms. We oversee the operation, every step of the way, from our farms to your home. No imported or foreign material is added to or blended into Chippewa Valley Farms' products.

Chippewa Valley Farms, as a group, treat everything kindly, humanely, and with the greatest care for both the consumer and the environment.

You ask why we take such care? We, at Chippewa Valley Farms, are blessed to have the experience of rural living; the ability to raise our families in the valleys and plains of Western Wisconsin. It's a joy to watch our kids grow and develop the life skills of leadership along with the rewards of hard work. It's really all about people and their families. We embrace the lessons of love and support while building a core value base of integrity, honesty and a helping hand attitude.

From our perspective, it's sad to see corporate America greedily grab the profits of the American farmer while destroying the small to medium range farmers. This is achieved because we as consumers choose to look for the best deal and quality and workmanship is overshadowed by marketing and high trendy advertising. We will soon lose our identity as consumers if we continue on this path.

Please support our efforts to give the marketplace a high quality product that leads to better health and living.

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